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When agriculture began, other arts followed. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization.

Village Organics brings farmers and consumers together to form a mutually beneficial partnership. Community Supported Organic Farming is about community, health, ecology, family & fun, learning and economic reward.

We are a group of passionate people with diverse, world class education and expertise in sustainable, organic agriculture and sandalwood cultivation. We have adopted the wisdom of traditional knowledge systems and believe that we can create a better world.At Village Organics, we share your passion for a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow for our future generations.

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Our Associations


Asha Kiran

Asha Kiran, Founder and Managing Director, brings deep insights and years of experience in globally supplying mangoes and distributing fragmented oil to 5-star hotels across India. His entrepreneurial spirit has paved the creation of Village Organics.

Srinivas Rao

Srinivasa Rao, Director, Village Organics is an expert in sandalwood cultivation, harvest and production. He is also the President of the Sandalwood Growers Association, and partner in companies like the SiriAgri Group and Herbal India Enterprises.

Gopi Krishna

With his immense knowledge on agri project execution and managing large farmlands, Gopi Krishna, also a Director at Village Organics, brings expertise in efficient, effective management of every Village Organics

agricultural venture. He was instrument in successfully cultivating 2500 acres of Vinukonda wasteland, in the Guntur district.

Dr. HS Anantha Padmanabha

Our Chief Scientist, Dr. HS Anantha Padmanabha, is a revered forest consultant. With over 40 years of experience in sandalwood cell biology, he has mastered the art of sustainable sandalwood cultivation.

He has been a consultant with a number of forestry departments of government and non-government organisations, in Australia and India.

Muralidhar Acharya

Our Executive Environmental Scientist, K. MuralidharAcharya, is the author of Krishi Yoga, a book on sustainable, cow-based agriculture, and trains farmers on the same. He is also a registered MD in Alternative Medicine

and an expert in holistic food, health and lifestyle.At Village Organics,he supervises the environmental needs of our farmlands and provides expert consultation on our health foods.

SVL Prasad

Currently working at the Taj Group of Hotels as Manager of Horticulture, Mr. SVL Prasad is our Senior Horticulture Specialist. He specialises in the replanting of trees and supervises our independent seed orchard to ensure we grow only the best quality sandalwood seeds.