5 Health Benefits of Growing Your Own Food


Besides being a great way to connect with Mother Nature, growing your own food is also a fantastic, planet-friendly way to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Here are 5 reasons why-

  1. Ensure nutrient-rich produce
    Growing your own vegetable garden allows you to know exactly whats going into your food. By spending a little  money and effort on getting organic soil and manure, you can grow fresh, chemical-free food for you and your family.

  2. Get healthier and happier!
    Studies show that any outdoor physical activity helps reduce stress and boost self-esteem and mood. Having your own garden is a great excuse to get outside everyday, and receive the abundant benefits Mother Nature has to offer!

    Another recent study also shows that touching the soil increases your levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone,significantly.


Community Supported Organic Farming with Village Organics


Community Supported Organic Farming (CSF) is an age-old idea. It consists of a community of individuals who come together to enable profitable, sustainaable cultivation. Although CSF takes many forms, the idea at the center is a shared commitment to building a more local, equitable, ecological agricultural system. Village Organics brings farmers and consumers together to form a mutually beneficial partnership. Community Supported Organic Farming is about community, health, ecology, family & fun, learning and economic reward.

Community Supported Organic Farming with Village Organics “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.” At Village Organics, we share your passion for a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow for our future generations. Today, we believe Community Supported Organic Farming is one step towards that future. We invite you to become a farmland owner, and share in the abundance of cultivating our fertile lands and preserving its food culture. Through our CSF model, we encourage community members, farmers and agricultural experts, to align and enable profitable, conscious cultivation.