5 Health Benefits of Growing Your Own Food


Besides being a great way to connect with Mother Nature, growing your own food is also a fantastic, planet-friendly way to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Here are 5 reasons why-

  1. Ensure nutrient-rich produce
    Growing your own vegetable garden allows you to know exactly whats going into your food. By spending a little  money and effort on getting organic soil and manure, you can grow fresh, chemical-free food for you and your family.

  2. Get healthier and happier!
    Studies show that any outdoor physical activity helps reduce stress and boost self-esteem and mood. Having your own garden is a great excuse to get outside everyday, and receive the abundant benefits Mother Nature has to offer!

    Another recent study also shows that touching the soil increases your levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone,significantly.


  1. Boost your Vitamin D levels

    Vitamin D is commonly referred to as the sunshine vitamin. This is because sensible sun exposure is a great way to get your body to produce this vitamin, naturally.

    Interestingly, most of us are deficient in Vitamin D owing to our sedentary, indoor lifestyles.

  2. Think more about your food

    When you spend your time, money and energy cultivating your own garden, you naturally tend to feel a greater, stronger connection the food it gives you. Much greater a connection ofcourse, than you would feel from buying food off a shelf in the supermarket.

    Food from your garden doesnt just give you a sense of accomplishment, it helps you makes healthier, more conscious choices about what you eat. Plus, it tastes better too!

  3. Contribute to the environment in your own little way

    Growing your own organic garden patch is one of the best ways you can contribute to the environment! Growing your own food allows you to caste a vote for your health and that of Mother Nature, instead of for  the conventionally grown food you would normally buy at the supermarket. Your little chemical-free garden will also contribute to the greenery in your city, while hosting various little species of insect, plant and animal life!

    At Village Organics, we try to do whatever we can to promote sustainable food cultivation. Join us, if you share our passion, as we discover ways to care for you and Mother Earth.



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