Why is pickle healthy?


Consuming pickle(s) with meals is very common in most Indian cultures. As most of us would think, no Indian meal is complete without a little pickle. Eating and making pickle has been an age old Indian tradition and there is ancient wisdom in this. Traditionally blended organic ingredients present in our pickles bring a host of health benefits.

Health, longevity and good quality of life depend largely on metabolism
According to Ayurveda, pickle is supposed to boost metabolism. Generally, our metabolism is highest when we are working in the sun. However, our daily routines do not support our required dosage of sunlight. In this regard, eating pickle with the first morsel of ones meal is considered to aid metablic activity in the body, according to ancient wisdom.

Pickle is a probiotic
A probiotic is a substance which promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms (gut flora) in our digestive tracts. Gut flora is a vital component of our gastrointestinal health.


A host of healthy spices
Traditional pickles blend a host of healing spices in their raw form. Most Indian spices, (turmeric, ginger and fenugreek, to name a few), have antioxidant, anti-aging and hormone balancing properties.

Why organic handpounded chili powder is healthier
Traditionally, the chili powder used in pickles was handpounded on stone. Handpounding preserves aroma, taste and nutritional value. The electric devices used in industrial pickle making, cause an increase in temperature during the process that causes thousands of subtle oils and aromatic compounds to burn and/or escape.

Also, our ancient teachings assume the natural benefits of chillies that were grown organically, as we everything else in those days. Today, most of the chillies found in markets are sprayed with about 40 varieties of chemicals by the time they reach our kitchens! However, organic handpounded chili powder, like the one we use in our pickles, retains many of its health benefits.

Healthy cold-pressed sesame oil
Traditionally, pickles used mostly sesame (in south india) and mustard (in the north). Our pickles use cold-pressed sesame oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and 9. According to Ayurveda, it brings balance to all It is helps control cholestrol and boost metabolism. As for the taste, it is a great preservative and retains flavour beautifully. Most commercial pickles today use hot pressed sunflower or vegetable oils. The heat used in these processes cause the oils to lose their nutritional value. On the other hand, double-refined oils are petrochemical-based, potentially carcinogenic and hormone disrupting. 

Himalayan Rock Salt- the wonder salt
Himalayan rock salt is known to be the purest salt the world over. According to Ayurveda, our electrolyte-based system requires about 100 micronutrients everyday. Himalayan rock salt is known to have over 84 micronutrients, making it the most nutritious salt for our consumption.Packaged pickles usually use white table salt (the same salt we use in most of our homes) which is chemically constituted with sodium chloride and idione. Since it is not a natural, organic substance, our bodies recognize it as a foreign body  and it causes internal stress.For more ancient food wisdom, inbox us your email ID or Like our page and receive our updates. Our organic mango pickle is a traditional blend of healing organic spices. Try it here-




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Why is pickle healthy?

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