Why Organic for Your Kids?


As more and more natural food stores and organic brands surface, its getting easier for you and your family to eat organic, which is a good thing considering all the health benefits of an all-natural diet. But, what does “organic” really mean for your kid’s body, the environment and future generations? And why should you consider investing in it for your child?

Here are 6 main reasons from Village Organics-

  • Organic food is chemical-freeWhat most people don’t know is that conventionally grown food is sprayed with a host of chemicals. Many of these chemicals are known to be endocrine and hormone disrupters, sometimes leading to obesity and diabetes. Even if you wash or peel fresh fruits and vegetables before your kids eat them, chemicals still make their way in.
    Changing a child’s diet to organic foods can almost completely eliminate these chemicals from his body!
  • A clean little body is a healthy little body. Many studies have found a strong connection between pesticide exposure in pregnant women and lower IQs in their children; pesticide exposure in children themselves and a greater risk of ADHD; and pesticide exposure and both cancer and Parkinson’s disease in humans of all ages.