Buy Organic Products

Buy Organic Products

At Village Organics, we carry deep wisdom and experience in profitable cultivation for all- from soil to store. Our concerns are not limited to food cultivation. We are equally passionate about preserving traditional wisdom on food preparation and consumption. In fact, our farm produce is being manufactured to create our newly launched line of health foods.

Organic Banganapalli Mangoes (Seasonal)

Our handpicked, naturally ripened, chemical-free mangoes were relished
by many this year- for their great
taste and health benefits. Village Organics has been exporting these quality mangoes for 5 years now,
and this year for the first time, they were sold locally. They are available from April to June.
Pre-book your box!   Call: + 91 40 2761 8899

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Farm fresh, Organic Vegetables

Straight from our organic vegetable farms, come fresh, chemical-free produce that supports health for you, our farmers and Mother Earth. Maintaining a fixed price throughout the year helps us promise our farmers a fair income, and you a consistent grocery bill!
To order,
In Hyderabad:

Call: + 91 40 2761 8899
In Vijayawada:
Visit our stall:
Venkata Balaji Towers,
Timings: 4pm-10pm.

Mango Pickle

Experience perfect raw mango matured with traditionally blended healing spices in our organic mango pickle.Available in a 200gm jar 

 Rs 200/- (500gm)

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Lime pickle

Lime pickle is consumed with meals India because of its amazing digestive properties. Experience the health benefits of lime and healing organic spices in our traditional lime pickle, available in a 200gm jar 
 Rs 150/- (500gm)

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Nutritional laddoos

Our nutritional ladoos have been a favourite this year, with many
choosing to celebrate a healthier
festival season. They are available
in 200gm boxes 

* Minimum order quantity is 1kg

 Rs 80/- (200gm)

To order,
Call: + 91 40 2761 8899


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