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Traditional Indian Organic Pickles - Village Organics

As part of our food tradition, first morsel of our meal is eaten with seasonal pickle. Pickle containing spices and trace minerals is known to aid metabolism, promote good health and longevity. Relishing seasonal organic, traditional pickles with every meal is a time tested practice for health and wellbeing.

We all relish and long for seasonal pickles. By virtue of unique combination of ingredients, taste buds get activated enhancing overall experience of food. Pickle is a great appetizer. We in India have a large variety of pickles and are known with different names such as Achar in Punjabi and Hindi, Uppinakaayi in Kannada, Lonacha in Marathi, Ooruka in Tamil, ooragaya (?????) in Telugu, which are mainly made from mango, lime, amla, chilli, vegetables such as brinjal, carrots, cauliflower, tomato, bitter gourd & green tamarind, ginger, garlic, and onion, etc. Fruits and vegetables are generally mixed with some other ingredients i.e. salt, spices, vegetable oils and set to mature.

Health benefits of our Organic Pickles:

  • Help strengthen the immune system.
  • Regulates digestion, prevents digestive disorders.
  • Improves micro-nutrient absorption.
  • Supports the growth of essential intestinal flora, normalizes acid levels in the stomach.
  • Stimulates cell metabolism and increase protein and iron assimilation in the body.
  • Unique enzymes & trace minerals promote micro nutrient absorption.

Village Organics’ organic mango pickle is made of:

  • Selected native variety of mangoes.
  • Cold-pressed & whole Sesame oil.
  • Trace mineral rich Himalayan Rock Salt.
  • Hand pound & stone ground spices.
  • Fruit vinegar.
  • Unique & traditional recipe.

Our pickles contain naturally grown organic & finest quality ingredients with blend of traditional processing methods to create delightful aroma, taste and enhance nutritional value.

Let’s act now to preserve the traditional wisdom and pass it on to the next generation.