Krishi Yoga Kendra

Agriculture is our “True Culture”. Agriculture is the foundation for the evolution of all civilizations for millennia. For the past forty years, in the name of development, we have created a major problem in agriculture, which is making farmers poorer, people unhealthier, polluting and destroying the environment. Every day hundreds of farmer are abandoning the agriculture and migrating to cities.

When people consume chemically grown produce, their health is negatively impacted. Chemicals from agriculture find their way in to the rivers and environment degrading the ecosystem and biodiversity, which is fundamental for health and agriculture.

Krishi Yoga Kendra is dedicated to provide training & support system for farmers to revive our “traditional wisdom of natural agriculture” and make it high yielding and sustainable. These traditional natural agriculture methods are proven to be good for farmer, people and the environment for thousands of years.

Krishi Yoga Kendra conducts classes & training programs for school children on natural farming and environment awareness. Krishi Yoga Kendra conducts one day programs on natural healthy food and sustainable living for college subtends and various organizations.

To accomplish this social change Krishi Yoga Kendra works with farmers in re-training, providing the support and creating alternative market system for better price for the produce. Krishi Yoga Kendra proactively reaches out to farmers for better future for the agriculture, people and a proud nation.

Annam.. Prabramha.. Swaroopam….

Let us make farmer and the environment part of this sacred act, as it once was…..

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