Own an Organic Farm


Own an Organic Farm (CSF)

Village Organics brings farmers and community members together to form a mutually beneficial partnership through a model called Community Supported Organic Farming. You can own farmland and become a community member with us.

What is Community Supported Organic Farming?

We invite you to share in the abundance of cultivating our fertile lands and preserving its food culture. Through our CSF model, we encourage community members, farmers and agricultural experts, to align and enable profitable, conscious cultivation. Our model benefits three stakeholders- the community member, the farmer and Village Organics.

As farmland owner you will enjoy these benefits...

50% profit sharing in farmland produce.
A profitable sustainable investment with like-minded individuals.
An oppurtunity to reconnect with your roots and Mother Nature.
Conscious cultivation and consumption of healthy food.
Weekend getaway with family in a village ambience.
A contribution of 400 trees per acre for future generations.

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To find out more about owning farmland with us, view our FAQs


Want to own farmland?

All our farmland properties have been booked. Please stay in touch with us on Facebook for updates on our future projects.


How Raghava became an organic farmer

Once i returned from the US, I was interested in farming. My inspiration was my father and I always wanted to carry on his legacy.

I saw an oppurtunity at Village Organics,I made an investment and became a part of the community.


IT Professional at Wells Fargo and Organic Farmer at Aleru